The new look VF photoshoot

The new Violet Flamingo collection is all designed, pattern cut and made up by myself. I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’m currently trying to find a UK based partner factory to work with, who can help me make the range once it’s ready to go into production. At this stage though the new collection needs photographing, slight dilemma, there are current restrictions which mean the usual photoshoot including a photographer, the designer (ME!), the stylist, the models, plus hair and make up artists can’t be in one room!

With this in mind I thought, I’ll do it all! Now I have no experience with a professional camera, have never used editing suits such as Lightroom and on top of that, how do I juggle models, hair, make up, lighting, props and the list goes on.

I’ll be honest I must be mad to attempt this but over the last few months I’ve had help from a friend and fellow Ebor artist, Bob France. Bob advised me on which camera to purchase, so it had the features I needed for a professional shoot but I was able to use with the little experience I had. From there Bob’s started teaching me how to use the new camera via online Zoom meetings and I began by practicing shots in my studio. At this early stage I’ve just been using a basic editing suit and getting to grips with what I needed to create a good product shot. When the final shots are done I will need to learn how to use Lightroom, I’ll mention again this is way beyond my skills but I’ve committed to this project now so please wish me luck!


Nikon D7000

The models in the new shoot are all followers of the brand and own their own VF items. I’ve chosen these five ladies because they are all different shapes, heights and have their own unique style. This is how the Covid friendly shoot worked out so well, all the models did their own hair and make-up and also collaborated styling the outfits they wore. I want this to be part of the VF brand ethos, showing new clients that Violet Flamingo really is for everyone and each piece can be worn is so many different way depending on your own style!

My driving force has always been to create beautiful garments, which make people feel fabulous and can be worn for years to come. The new range will be no different, VF is for everyone!

Lindsey Xx