Alterations, pre-loved sales & keeping VF conscious.

Alterations, pre-loved sales & keeping VF conscious.


Violet Flamingo has always prioritised making our customers feel fabulous, whether it’s a garment I’ve made or an item I’ve altered, clothing should bring you joy and dressing up is something we should never grow out of. When I say dressing up, it’s not all about fancy clothes, it’s about choosing your outfit for the day and having fun with it.

The online range is made to order, this means as I make your garment it can be produced to fit you. If you’re petite or tall, a mixture of dress sizes, you can just drop me a message and I can make the perfect piece. I also offer a custom fabric service, if you love one of my designs but want it in another colour or print, just get in touch.

Made to order also means less waste, I don’t carry large amounts of stock in the VF studio and this helps me keep over production to an absolute minimum.


We’re a conscious slow fashion brand and have been for the last eleven years, each year we’ve been trading. Since the beginning every single off cut and scrap of material has been donated to craft groups, schools, up cyclers and little fashion designers in the making. Nothing goes to landfill as someone out there always finds a use for the off cuts of fabric.

Alice uses her scraps to create outfits for all of her dolls, this one is based on me! 💜

If you are interested in taking some off cuts, just drop me a message. I’ll be more than happy to arrange this with you.

Alteration and customising service -

At the studio I welcome anyone who is looking for alterations and customisation on garments they already own. I love making pieces fit my customers perfectly, embellishing them with appliques, ruffle, lace, whatever you desire, or just doing minor repairs like fixing zips and shortening hems.

I personally buy a lot of pre loved pieces, whether they’re from charity shops, online market places or friends have passed items on as they no longer wear them. I alter and embellish everything to make it right for me, this way I can ensure that item will be worn so many times and be a much loved piece in my wardrobe.

New floral appliques for 2023

Converting garments - 

A VF client visited the studio last year, I had previously made her wedding gown, this time she brought three dresses that no longer fitted her but she adored the fabric and just couldn’t part with them. One of the pieces I converted into a skirt and the other two into cover up kimono style jackets, I used the chiffon section of the dresses and created two completely unique items for her wardrobe. I felt honoured that she trusted me so much to just make something completely one off out of her fabrics and I was absolutely made up when she loved the finished pieces.

Before and after

Lisa’s finished pieces

I’ve never wanted to work for a huge fashion brand, my passion is making quality pieces that my clients love and wear for years to come. Altering items to make them perfect also brings me so much joy, in a world where tons of clothing ends up in landfill every year, we can choose to be aware of our impact on the planet and re-use, repurpose and re-wear.

Leopard print, possibly the best print

VF pre-loved sale - 

Finally twice a year on our private Facebook group we host a VF pre-loved sale, this means if you have any Violet Flamingo garments that you no longer wear, you can sell them on to other VF lovers. If you don’t own any VF yet, get involved as you may be able to get your mitts on some beautiful pre loved pieces.

Big love my little flamingos,

Lindsey 💜x

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