Violet Flamingo aims to have the happiest of customers. Each piece is manufactured with the highest quality materials and lovingly packed in the VF studio.

See below for some of our fabulous testimonials and if you'd like to leave one, drop us a message via our social channels.

"Beautifully made pieces with friendly service, and a sustainable, slow fashion ethic."


"A fabulous understanding of the drape of fabric and how to dress women either beautifully slender or curvaceous."


"Absolutely nothing fits like a Violet Flamingo garment. The cut and flow is impeccable and every piece feels handcrafted to my body shape. As a curvy lady, it’s sometimes difficult to find clothing that makes me feel special and sexy without feeling revealing or just plain inappropriate but VF always comes through with something incredible and flattering even if it’s one size fits all. The quality of the fabric is always on point and I always feel like I have my money’s worth with staple pieces that I can have (and have had!) for years."


"Fancy, flattering, fashionable and funky. Every time I wear Violet Flamingo I feel special, get noticed and walk taller. The clothes are cut for real people with real life and the quality is amazing."


"I cannot recommend Violet Flamingo enough, beautiful designs that are comfortable, elegant, unusual and flattering on you whatever your size and shape."


"Love the unique style and consistently high quality, excellent friendly service and that special personal touch you feel with every piece. Each garment is a long-lasting investment and always turns heads, whether it’s casual wear or an outfit for a big event!"


"Fantastic original designs, that last for multiple seasons!"


"I love your Lives and they have really picked me up during the pandemic and continue to do so!! Keep up your fabulous work!! As you are amazing at what you do!"