Violet Flamingo has never mass produced products and is here to make our clients feel unique. Whether you want to visit the studio for a custom gown or to have an existing item perfected, we can help.


Bespoke Service

Bespoke garments are made for the individual client, we design your dream outfit together, I help you select the best materials and trims, then I make that item completely tailored to your measurements.

You will need to visit the studio for an initial consultation and fittings throughout the making process, it will be fitted a number of times depending on the garment to make sure it’s perfect.

A bespoke garment takes time and care so I ask for a minimum of six months for a simple item and at least twelve for a bridal design.

Interested in a bespoke creation? Drop us a message to discuss your initial ideas.

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Alterations and customisations

Altering and embellishing a garment can make a piece perfect for you. Maybe you’ve just found a treasured item in a vintage store, been handed something down by a friend or had it sat in your wardrobe for years, we can help.

As a conscious brand we are happy to help customers make their purchases perfect and they don’t need to be a VF item.


Do you have a garment in your wardrobe that you adore, but the fit is just not right?

Contact the VF studio and we can alter a variety of items to fit you perfectly.


Do you have a garment in your wardrobe that you adore, but it’s missing some beautiful embellishment?

Contact the VF studio and we can offer a range of embellishment options. Floral embroidery, beading, ruffle trims, let’s get creative.

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