In the VF studio I have never mass produced products because I believe there is too much waste within the fashion world.

Whether you want to visit the studio for your own made-to-order VF garment or to have an existing item you already own perfected, I can help.



Alterations and Customisations

Altering and embellishing a garment can make a piece perfect for you. Maybe you’ve just found a treasured item in a vintage store, been handed something down by a friend or had it sat in your wardrobe for years.

As a conscious brand I'm happy to help customers make their purchases perfect and they don’t need to be a VF item. From shortening a hem, nipping in a waist or tailoring a full bridal gown, I can help.

Customisation is also a great way to brighten up a piece in your wardrobe. Adding floral embroidery, beading, ruffle trims, let’s get creative!



Lavender Magpie Pre-Loved Store

I now offer customised pre-loved clothing and accessories in our Depop store.

I have been helping people alter, customise and repairs clothing for years. I'm also an absolute pre-loved clothing shopaholic, my wardrobe consists of VF, a handful of designer pieces but mostly second hand items. Every piece I purchase I alter to fit me perfectly, as this ensures I will wear it for years to come. I also love embellishing pieces because let's face it I'm a magpie and I love shiny things!

Visit the Depop shop to see what we currently have in stock, pre-loved garments with a VF twist.

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