Eighteen months of a broken leg

Eighteen months of a broken leg

It’s been eighteen months since I spectacularly broke my leg, it been such a hard journey, its been trying for work and personal reasons, but Violet Flamingo is still here and I can not wait to get back to life with two legs.

Lindsey the company owner of Violet Flamingo sat in a coffee shop, this was taken on a photoshoot and she is wearing the VF pink Babs Cardigan

Over the last few months things have started to improve, from the multiple breaks I had in my lower leg, I now only have one remaining break to heal. I’ve been popping into the studio when I can to prep for my return and with the help of my fabulous partner in VF crime Em and close friends, I have been able to bring a small selection of new pieces to my customer.

With this time off I have thought a lot about what I want to offer as Violet Flamingo when I come back to full time work, what I want my brand to look like and how I want to share my new pieces with you.

This is a close up image of Lindsey the company owner working on her industrial sewing machine at the Violet Flamingo studio.

For now keep your eyes on the socials to keep updated, new things will be coming your way. Also please keep everything crossed for my next appointment in May, I'm hoping for the best news yet!


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Big love, Lindsey x

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