It's time for another fabulous Pre-loved VF sale!

It's time for another fabulous Pre-loved VF sale!

This was so successful at the end of last Summer we have decided to try and do two a year.

As you all know I’m all about my garments being for life and holding these events gives you the opportunity to pass on any pieces you no longer wear and give them a new home with someone else.
This time we will kick it off hopefully (as long as I don’t get called into surgery) on Thursday the 06/04/23 at 20:00 with a LIVE with myself & Em in the VIP group with a selection of our pieces and then on Friday Morning we will open up the group for you to get involved!

Last year's rail, which kicked off last years sale

How the VF Preloved Sale works!

For the weekend of 07/04/23 from 08:00 Good Friday we will be opening the group up for you to upload your Preloved VF pieces to sell to each other. This will close on the Bank Holiday Monday at 20:00. Please feel free to upload your personal preloved VF items (only) and shop and chat to each other about these fabulous pieces, how you wore them and the amazing events you have enjoyed add some pictures of you looking fabulous in them and a description of the items and your price.

There are just a few VF rules to keep in mind to make sure we keep the group the happy place we all know and love and make sure that we can make the weekend a success and continue to hold them again in the future.

*All prices to be set by yourselves, be clear if you are open to discussion on this.

*Make sure you note any flaws or damage to items in your descriptions

*All sales will be agreed and delivery arranged by yourselves and VF has no part or responsibility in your sales or purchases.

*Once payments have been made make sure you arrange delivery promptly and keep the buyer updated. It is up to you to decide on delivery preference. Standard or signed for.

And finally

*Be kind and respectful to each other and let’s see those VF pieces get a new lease of life!

Here’s Nicola sharing her love of a piece she grabbed in last years sale!

Nicola in her pre-loved piece

“Loving my crop top from the pre-loved sale!!”

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