Jasmin's University Collection

Jasmin's University Collection

Jasmin has been working at Violet Flamingo since the end of June 2021 after she graduated from Bolton with a BA Hons in fashion.

Time has flown since she’s joined VF, with building of the new website and developing a new way of working in the studio and with our partner factories. Her help has been absolutely amazing.

I thought it’d be a nice introduction for Jas to do a blog about her final collection at University. I hope you enjoy the details of what went into her work and in 2020 when Covid disrupted so many students in their studies.

Lindsey x                        

My collection is driven by trends from the 1960’s and 70’s and by international clothing and designs. Inspired by my maternal and paternal families in the 1960’s and 70’s having minimal money, but still being able to design and make clothes that were inevitably fashionable with their recycled materials they had or materials they could afford. Gathering further research gave inspiration on. details, shapes and prints from the 60’s/70’s, exaggerating and manipulating silhouettes, developing prints and collaborating the fashion of today with 60’s/70’s fashion, by bringing the concept of travelling and different countries into my collection reflecting and comparing different styles and trends around the world, all in the same era. My edgy/stunning collection features items that can be worn for warmth, socialising and expressing individuality and personality. Reflecting both 60’s and 70’s fashion with today’s fashion from around the globe, helped me produce a loud collection with strong silhouettes, different fabrics and layering.
My primary research was conducted by studying old family photos and pattern blocks from that era, leading to inspirations for silhouette trims and print. Also Interviews with family members who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s.
Planning was disrupted due to Covid, so the only other research available was conducted in the local City Centre via vintage stores and large fashion outlets such as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, etc.
Secondary research was conducted via books, magazines from the library. I started with a collection of images and cut out specific shapes from clothes which were made into a collage to create new shapes. That also plays with sizing and proportion which shows where there is a need to exaggerate parts of the design on the body.
My materials and trims were taken from several different sections of research. The outcome includes: different weights of knit, sturdy sheer fabric, teddy bear fabric and oversized finishes.
Building on my techniques and processes, photoshop and illustrator played a big part in making it easier to colour drop from research and collage boards that I created.
Manipulating fabrics to create more volume: after experimenting with tucks, gathers and pleats, the preferred outcome was to gather shoulders and pleat the bottom of. the sleeves. Splitting the pattern block into three and spreading them apart equally to create a bigger block, resulting in more fabric to manipulate and create shape with.
Gathering knitting knowledge from my Nan and Mother, it was possible to create accessories, such as knitted samples, hats and mittens, also developing prints from these.
All in all, my collection shows a contemporary twist to the 60/70’s era of loud fashion, using more sustainable, modern fabrics.
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