My return to work has been delayed

My return to work has been delayed

Hiya flamingos,

I’ve put this together as I just thought it would be best to explain my situation in full as I have no idea when I will return to work. To all of my clients who are still waiting for me to make their pieces ordered before the accident, I love you all so much, thank you for being so patient and understanding.

On the 23rd of October I broke my leg, I was chatting to a friend and when I turned my lower leg broke in multiple places. No one at A&E believed me, let’s be fair it sounds ridiculous and it was only the surgeons at hospital that did, their response was, it can just happen. They said my bones were healthy I was OK to have an operation to insert a metal plate, the plate will support the tibia and the fibula should be ok to mend itself.

Since my stay in hospital I’ve had lots of blood tests and I have no vitamin deficiencies or underlying illness. I’ve also had a bone density scan and I’m 100% healthy. I did this for my peace of mind and to help me get over this mentally as you can imagine I was pretty upset about it just happening out of nowhere.

I’ve been at home recovering since but at my last appointment six weeks ago I was told my leg wasn’t healing. Spiral fractures are notoriously difficult to heal, the best plan of action was to start weight baring on my leg in the support boot and hopefully this will kick start my body to heal again. I’ve been walking so much that I’ve had to go back for a new set of crutches, I’ve worn through my first set. I’ve done everything possible, so please don’t question my diet or tell me the vitamins I should be taking, because believe me I’m doing everything I can.

On Wednesday I was told there’s no change in my leg, there’s no healing at all and we need to look at alternatives to get the bones to fuse. This can happen so now it looks like I’ll be having more surgery, not the news I wanted but here we are.

I know it will all work out fine and I will return to some normality soon, I honestly can’t wait to be able to pattern cut and make a garment from start to finish. Being in the studio really is my happy place.

Lastly as you can imagine I want to keep myself busy with a little bit of something, so if you are a member of the VF VIP group, you’ll know we hold a VF pre-loved sale twice a year. This year we’ll kick Easter weekend off with a Live and over the Bank Holiday you can sell your pre-loved VF pieces to other VF lovers on our private group, or just snap up some absolute bargains. If you’d like to get involved and read about how this event works, follow the link and join the group.

I will also be sharing some in-stock Spring/Summer items soon, but mainly it’s all about rest and planning for the next stage of my recovery.

Lots of love,

Lindsey 💜

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