Our real clients are our models!

Our real clients are our models!

For the new website I wanted to photograph the collection on real VF clients, each model has their own style and each is a different size and height. This was important to me as I wanted to showcase the versatility of each garment and every model was encouraged to wear the pieces exactly how they’d rock them.

Ewa -

The fabulously petite Ewa has been a VF client for years, I actually had the honour of making her bespoke wedding gown. Ewa’s job is a professional hair and make up artist, go have a nosey at her page cos she’s bloody brilliant! She is a size 8 and is 5,1", she wears an x-small.

🌟 EVKA ALLEN Hair & Makeup 🌟 (@evka.allen) • Instagram photos and videos — Professional hair and make-up page

Evka 💋 (@mystyle_evka) • Instagram photos and videos — Personal style page

Amy -

Amy is a badass! She’d never modelled until a shoot in-between lockdowns in 2020. Honestly, she needs no direction and just knows what to do, I actually couldn’t believe she’d never done this before, so obviously I wanted her on the 2021 team! Amy is a size 10 but has a size 14 bust and is 5,4", even though Amy has a fuller bust she wore a size small.

Jennifer -

Jennifer is an absolute doll, she actually asked me if she could model for the brand and I jumped at the chance to have her on the team. Jennifer is a VF size 18 but with a 20 bust and she is 5,6", she wears a size large.

Helen -

Helen is my mate and we’ve probably known each other for around fifteen years now, her natural beauty is so bloody striking and her bright blue eyes are amazing! Helen’s never modelled before and I can tell you she was an absolute natural. She is a VF size 16 and 5,8", in the shoot she’s wearing a size medium.


R Mary! Mary is a fellow Ebor artist and you need to go to her Instagram to check her work! Talented, funny and borderline mental, this is why we get on so well! Mary was actually a life saver on this shoot as she helped design and build all the sets. Mary is a VF size 10 and is 5,7", in the shoot she’s wearing a size small.

Naylor (@naylortrash) • Instagram photos and videos

Celine -

Celine is a fabulous fashion and accessory addict, go over to her Instagram to check out her awesome page! She is a size 10 and 5,10", in the shoot she wears a VF size 10.

Just Left My Forties (@justleftmyforties_) • Instagram photos and videos

The fabulous photo bomber Dhalia -

I live local to the VF studio so obviously my three cats think they’re entitled to hang out in Ebor. DD is the cheeky one, she strolls in for an adventure and screams until someone pays her attention. Shoot day was no different, she didn’t care we had things to do, this sassy kitty was getting in on the modelling action!

I hope you all enjoy the new images and if any client would love to model for the brand, just drop me a message,

Lindsey x

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