UK made, conscious and creative.

UK made, conscious and creative.

On the new website I have three statement badges, these statements have been important to me and my business over the last nine years and will continue to be moving forward with my brand.

Conscious, Made in the UK, Creative

UK made -

I’ve never wanted to work for a large clothing brand and definitely haven’t wanted any involvement in fast fashion. Once I graduated I went on to work for a small UK independent, we produced all of our product in house from the pattern cutting to the final finishing of every piece. I loved it there as I got to learn all about the manufacture process and it taught so much about running a small independent brand.

After leaving I set up Violet Flamingo, I created bespoke pieces for the induvial client, costumes for performers, uniforms for a Manchester based beauty salon and my own small line of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories.

At the beginning of 2021 I decided to take the step to launch a brand new website with my initial capsule collection, I have finally decided to get help with my manufacture and I was certain it had to be done within the UK. Making my clothing in this country is so important for many reasons, it lowers my brands carbon footprint, highlights UK craftmanship, creates jobs within the UK, boost our local economies and I can visit every factory to check their working standard are high and most of all their staff are happy and paid fairly!

Conscious -

Every company should be doing their bit to look after the world around us. A lot of brand use the words sustainable and eco-friendly, I’ve chosen the word conscious.

This is because, this is how I have run my brand for the last nine years. Very little has gone to waste in my studio and everything that can be, is recycled. Scrap fabrics are made into accessories for our VF Etsy store or donated to local craft groups, up-cyclers and schools. All remnants are re-used in creative projects and a neighbouring Ebor artist also uses it as filling for their cushions.

Moving forward I want to make sure, as the brand grows we keep working on what we can do to be as conscious as possible. Being UK made massively reduces our carbon footprint and I’m also making important decisions about how our finished product arrive at the VF studio and also ship to you.

Creative -

I see fast fashion brands churning out all the same kind of garments as their competitors and it’s boring! I didn’t study fashion design and manufacture to make hundreds of the same pieces, that fill people wardrobes and then go to landfill after a couple of wears.

If I’m pattern cutting a design I want it to create a piece you’ll cherish for years which will make you feel fabulous and truly unique! Life’s too short to wear boring clothes, we all deserve to feel fancy!

Lindsey x

The Violet Flamingo studio
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