Coats with no wool content at Violet Flamingo

Coats with no wool content at Violet Flamingo

Violet Flamingo is not a vegan brand but I will always endeavour to provide alternatives to our non vegan products. I started to consider alternatives because a friend of mine loved the Lola cape but she doesn’t wear wool, so I started looking into high quality alternative for her custom piece and future clients.

Orla Kimono Style Jacket -

I love to use luxury wools in my range but I now offer a soft woolen alternative, this is a blend of fibres and when I say soft I really mean it. This fabric feel super luxurious and the added bonus to this, is that it’s fully machine washable.

Rust, Orla Kimono
Mauve, Ola Kimono
Dove, Orla Kimono

Orla Jacket — Dove Grey | Violet Flamingo Bespoke — VIOLET FLAMINGO | BESPOKE

Currently I’m stocking three Orla kimono style jackets in the store and have sold many of these on our past Facebook Live events. All of my clients who own this jacket say they really love it and it is a key piece for their Winter wardrobe.

The Krys jumpsuit and Kira top -

Krys jumpsuit

And finally, two products in the online store are produced with akoya shell buttons, if you would like us to use and alternative just drop us a message once you have place your order. 

I have a serious addiction to button so I’m sure we’ll have something in stock that’s perfect for you!

Lindsey x

Kira top
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